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Professional Water Leak Repair in Richmond, KY

Are you noticing water bills getting higher for no apparent reason? This is one of the reasons to call on a plumber in Richmond, KY, from Fast Flow Plumbing when leaks sources need to be tracked down and taken care of as soon as possible. We use safe, reliable, cost-effective methods to find and fix leaks in many different locations. Our team serves Central Kentucky clients, including those in:

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We Specialize in Water Leak Services

We offer a wide range of solutions with our water leak services. We start with detection if the source of the leak is yet to be located. With repair, possible solutions include:

  • 1 Making traditional or trenchless repairs
  • 2 Re-routing the water line
  • 3 Installing new pipes if the affected pipes are severely damaged, worn, or corroded

Importance of Hiring a Leak Detection Expert

Finding and fixing leaks ASAP reduces the risk of costly damage to your property that may involve issues with mold, hardwood warping, or foundation damage. This is why hiring a water leak detection specialist from a reliable local plumbing company like Fast Flow Plumbing is so important. It's ultimately a step that can save you time and money.

Signs You May Have an Underground or Hidden Leak

A leaky pipe in a normally inaccessible spot like behind a wall or below a slab or under the floor can go unnoticed. However, you'll be more likely to know when to contact us about water leak repair in Richmond, KY, if you pay attention to any of the following signs of "hidden" leaks:

  • Low water pressure
  • Water stains on floors or walls
  • Soggy spots on your lawn
  • Unexplained odors
  • Sudden issues with mold and/or mildew

Common Causes of Water Leaks

Let our leak repair services tackle these common causes of water leaks:

Tree roots

Thirsty tree roots in search of moisture can get into underground pipes and cause leaks to develop in weak spots.

Broken seals

Connections to washing machines, water heaters, and ice machines can also be sources of leaks if seals wear away over time.


Age is another common water leak culprit. Leaks can develop as aging pipes corrode and wear, especially around joints and connecting points.

Excess water pressure

Leaks can also develop if the water pressure in your home is too high or inconsistent.

Benefits of Professional Leak Detection Services

Leak repair and detection are tasks that shouldn't be do-it-yourself projects. Professional assistance reduces the risk of unintentional missteps that might make the leak worse. In addition, our trained technicians have the tools and resources required to accurately track down leaks and make repairs while keeping local codes in mind.

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