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Your Source for the Perma-Liner System in Lexington, KY, and Neighboring Areas

Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation Experts

Fast Flow Plumbing is your trusted source for trenchless sewer rehabilitation in Central Kentucky. We have partnered with Perma-Liner, the top manufacturer and supplier of trenchless restoration supplies and equipment in North America, so we can offer our customers reliable, long-lasting results.

Why We Choose the Perma-Liner System

The Perma-Liner system enhances the many benefits that go along with trenchless technology with patented materials and other state-of-the-art innovations. And since Perma-Liner makes compact, user-friendly systems, our trusted trenchless contractor have more flexibility with how trenchless services can be offered in the following areas we serve:

Benefits of Perma-Liner Lateral Lining System

By using the Perma-Liner system in Lexington, KY, and neighboring areas we serve, we can restore pipes of varying lengths and diameters. In fact, Perma-Liner's systems can be used to rehabilitate pipes ranging in size from 2-to-48 inches in diameter.

The technology also makes the process of restoring lateral lines connecting from homes to the main sewer system even more efficient – which ultimately saves you time and money. In addition, there's no need for excavation with any of the Perma-Liner lining applications, which further boosts your savings potential.

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Perma-Liner System
Perma-Lateral Lining System
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Common Problems Perma-Liner Solves

The Perma-Liner lateral lining system can be used to address an assortment of pipe issues in drain and sewer lines still stable enough for lining. The list of common problems our trained technicians are often able to resolve with Perma-Liner products includes:

  • Structural damage from tree or shrub roots
  • Pipes cracked or fractured from age-related wear or corrosion – as is often the case with older cast iron sewer lines
  • Misalignment in certain pipe sections causing structural weakness
  • Small gaps within the affected pipe that need to be covered and sealed
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Go Trenchless with Confidence

Invest wisely by making Fast Flow Plumbing your top choice for trenchless pipe repair in Lexington, KY, and surrounding communities. Reach out to our local pros and we'll start you off with a camera inspection at no additional charge and a free estimate for your consideration.

Contact our trenchless technology experts today to benefit from sewer pipe lining and other solutions we offer. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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