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Your Trusted Plumbing and Trenchless Contractor in Richmond, KY

Being able to address many different needs with equal reliability and efficiency is what makes Fast Flow Plumbing stand out from the competition. Work with the plumbing and trenchless technology experts from our team and expect any job with our name attached to it will be done right with proven methods and cost-effective technology.

Who We Are

Led by an owner with more than 18 years of experience throughout the Central Kentucky area, we're a family-owned and -operated, master-licensed plumbing team. We specialize in a wide range of plumbing-related needs, from emergency plumbing situations and routine repairs to pipe repair and replacement done with little or no surface disruption.

Call today for fast, reliable, budget-friendly service from a trusted plumbing specialist or trenchless contractor in Richmond, KY, as well as these other locations that we serve:

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What We Do

We make sure to track down the source of the problem and offer sensible solutions for our clients. The main services we provide are:

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Spare your azaleas and lawn and still get your pipes fixed by turning to the trenchless technology experts at Fast Flow. We use dig-free methods to restore pipes quickly and affordably from the inside.

Drain Cleaning

Be prepared for the holidays and other busy times when drains are often used more often by contacting us to schedule a routine drain cleaning. We also clean drains already affected by blockages and other issues with safe, effective methods.

Water Leak Repair

Reduce the risk of mold and other issues that go along with lingering water leaks by giving us a call even if you only suspect a water leak. If a leak is found, we'll make repairs in a way that's as minimally disruptive as possible.

Plumbing Services

A plumber in Richmond, KY, is ready to fix it, install it, or repair it if it's related to plumbing. Our plumbing services cover routine repairs, emergency situations, plumbing updates, and issues with water heaters, disposals, and other water-based appliances.

Benefits of Our Services

When you contact us, you won't reach a franchise or more "corporate" company. Instead, you'll receive prompt attention from trained technicians fully entrenched within the communities we serve. Our customers also benefit from our knowledge of local codes and guidelines that need to be kept in mind for certain jobs, especially ones involving new installations and pipe repairs.

Why Hire Us

  • 24-hour service for urgent needs
  • Reasonable rates
  • Timely arrives by courteous, knowledgeable technicians
  • Free, accurate pre-work estimates
  • No additional charge for camera inspections

We're Local and Just a Call Away

Ensure the level of service you deserve from Fast Flow Plumbing. We're proud to be personally familiar with Richmond and the nearby areas we serve. You'll also appreciate our full commitment to your complete satisfaction with our work. Contact our team today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment whenever you need:

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Start with a Free Estimate

From trenchless services and drain cleaning to routine inspections and urgent plumbing repairs, Fast Flow Plumbing is your one-stop source. When you reach out to us, we'll happily provide a free, accurate estimate. Contact us today for A+ service from our team.