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We Specialize in Trenchless Pipe Repair in Lexington, KY, and Nearby Areas

Trenchless Pipe Repair

Why dig when trenchless solutions can spare your perennials and other landscape features? Hire a trenchless contractor in Lexington, KY, and nearby areas from Fast Flow Plumbing. One of the options you'll have is minimally invasive pipe repair. It's an approach to pipe restoration we offer that restores a damaged pipe from the inside without the need for excavation.

Importance of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is important because it's a quick and easy way to stop leaks and other issues caused by structural flaws in pipes. Letting damaged pipes linger also makes the problems with the affected pipe worse over time. Our trenchless techniques are designed to save you time and money by prolonging the useful life of your sewer and drain lines in these areas we serve:

Issues We Address

Recurring clogs and slow drainage related to structural problems, tree root damage, and damage related to underground movement or soil shifting are among the many issues we can address with trenchless pipe repair in Lexington, KY, and nearby areas, In some instances, it may also be possible to restore older cast iron pipes with trenchless repair methods.

Among the signs you should contact us about trenchless pipe lining and other less-disruptive repair options include:

  • Soggy spots on your lawn
  • Rising water bills
  • Bad drain/sewer odors
  • Foundation damage near underground pipe locations

Benefits and Advantages of Minimally Invasive Solutions

We're a family-owned and -operated business — helping our clients save time and money is what matters most to us. This is one of the top reasons we recommend our trenchless specialists whenever it's an option.

What to Expect

  • Reduced work time
  • Minimal disruption since no heavy machinery is needed
  • No landscape cleanup costs since we won't have to dig
  • Long-lasting results thanks to trusted materials we use that include the Perma-Liner system

An Overview of the Trenchless Pipe Repair Process

There is no extra charge for the initial camera inspection, which is done to determine if the pipe is stable enough for trenchless pipe repair. The actual repairs are made by inserting a resin-filled liner into the existing pipe. Once the coating hardens, the inside of the pipe is as good as new in terms of how it functions.

Trenchless Pipe Repair FAQs

How long does trenchless pipe repair take to complete?

We may need a separate day to do the initial camera inspection and get things set up and an additional day afterward to have any local inspections required done. The actual work, however, is usually completed within a day.

Does it matter if parts of the pipe are missing?

In some cases, it may be possible to insert a liner and apply a new coating even if small sections of pipe are missing. We'll make this determination during the initial inspection.

If trenchless repair isn't possible, does it mean excavation is my only option?

If a pipe is too damaged to be repaired, we may recommend a trenchless sewer replacement technique known as pipe bursting. It's a less disruptive way to replace a pipe without traditional excavation.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

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