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We Provide Pipe Bursting in Lexington, KY, and the Surrounding Areas

As a master-licensed plumbing company, Fast Flow Plumbing specializes in many options with pipe repair and replacement in Central Kentucky. One of these is a trenchless replacement method known as pipe bursting, an efficient approach to installing a new pipe.

What we do with pipe bursting in Lexington, KY, and the surrounding areas is replace pipes without digging to do so. It's an important option we offer since it gives our clients access to:

  • An entirely new pipe in a less disruptive way
  • A service option that won't result in costly landscape renovation work
  • Relief from persistent and potentially unsafe pipe issues

Signs You Need Pipe Bursting

This type of pipe replacement is what we often recommend when a pipe isn't stable enough for any of our trenchless repair methods. Other signs suggesting pipe bursting will likely benefit you include:

  • Widespread damage from tree roots
  • Leaking in multiple areas of the affected pipe
  • Issues with multiple drains related to structural problems
Pipe Bursting in Lexington, KY

The main benefit of pipe bursting for many of our clients is being able to have an entirely new, fully functioning pipe installed without traditional excavation methods. The work can also be done by our trusted trenchless contractor with less labor and surface disruptions.

Pipe bursting is also known for:

  • Reducing trench settlement
  • Being more accessible since larger excavation equipment isn't necessary
  • Allowing for increased pipe capacity since a larger sized pipe can be installed

The Process of Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is so-named because a trenchless contractor performs it with a conical-shaped bursting head. This is what breaks up or fragments the affected pipe. As the corroded or severely damaged pipe is fractured into small pieces and pushed downward, a new pipe is installed behind it. The work area remains fairly contained, leaving you with a new pipe and no need for costly surface cleanup expenses.

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