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Water-stained floor/wall due to water leaks

Not all water leaks are easy to find. Sometimes, you may not even know that you have one until you see its effects on your walls, floors, or ceiling. Fortunately, it’s quite simple to tell if your plumbing system has a hidden water leak–so long as you know what to look for.

In our many years as the go-to company for water leak repair in Richmond, KY, we’ve employed some clever ways to detect hidden water leaks at home.

Examine Your Statement

More often than not, you already have an expected ballpark figure of what the monthly water consumption looks like. Any sudden spike that can’t be accounted for is indicative of water leaks. All that remains is to hire a reputable local plumbing company to determine its location and provide leak repair services as promptly as possible.

Use a Small Amount of Food Coloring

Food coloring can be a nifty tool for water leak detection in water storage tanks or distribution networks. These alert you when a toilet seat is leaking as they alert you when a faucet is leaking. Start the flush, for example, to see if the color moves in different directions or repels other colors. When different colors appear in different directions, it indicates how much leaks slow your system.

Examine What You Can Find

While pinpointing the exact location of a hidden leak may be tricky, you can still determine if one exists fairly easily. Several locations should be visually examined to determine where the leaks are coming from. Leaks will be impossible to conceal because they will be visible on the walls. Things like this usually happen in the bedroom or another open house area. Immediate leak repair services are necessary for such instances.

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