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When you’ve got a drain that is not moving, the choices are to call a plumber or to try to unclog it yourself. There are many reasons why you might want to go the DIY route instead of seeking out professional drain cleaning in Lexington, KY. Here are some drain cleaning mistakes that you might be making, as well as ways that Fast Flow Plumbing can help.

Pouring Dangerous Chemicals into the Drain

There are many chemical drain cleaners on the market, and sometimes they will seemingly clear a clogged drain quickly; however, they do not work on all blockages, and the chemicals could damage the pipes. For this reason, we recommend avoiding chemical drain cleaners.

Using a Plunger Incorrectly

A plunger might be able to clear a stuck drain, but it must be used the right way. This means putting the plunger over the drain to seal it tightly, then plunging slowly and straight up and down. Plunging too fast can simply push the blockage further down. If you are unsuccessful with your attempts, it’s best to let your drain cleaning services provider take over.

Using a Drain Snake Improperly

Drain snaking is designed to remove blockages like hair and soap scum from a drain. But drains have twists and turns that can be hard to maneuver. Improper drain snaking can cause pipe damage that requires expensive repairs.

Placing Foreign Objects Down the Drain

A homeowner might be tempted to put an object into the drain to try to remove or break up the blockage. Our drain cleaning company has seen wire coat hangers, screwdrivers, and even garden hoses put into drains. But small objects might fall into the drain and get stuck there, leaving an even bigger problem. Water from a garden hose can shoot back up and flood the home.

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