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Not all plumbers are honest and reliable. Some plumbers will scam you by overcharging you, doing unnecessary work, or using low-quality materials. Trust only a legit plumber in Lawrenceburg, KY to avoid complications and issues you didn’t expect.

The Bait and Switch

This plumbing scam involves offering you a low price for a service or a product. Then they change it to a higher price upon delivery of the work or product.

You should always get a written estimate and contract before the work begins. Check the details and specifications of the service or product carefully.

The Upfront Payment

This scam involves asking you to pay the full amount or a large deposit before the work is done. They then disappear your money or do poor plumbing repairs.

For example, a plumber may ask you to pay for the entire project upfront, but then never show up or finish the work. To avoid this scam, you should never pay more than 10% of the total cost upfront. Only pay the rest after the completion and inspection of the work.

The Unlicensed Plumber

This scam involves hiring a plumber who is not licensed, insured, or bonded. Which means they are not qualified or authorized to do the work.

An unlicensed plumber may do a shoddy job that violates the building codes or causes more damage. You should always check their credentials and references. Verify their license status with your local licensing board.

The Fake Problem

This scam involves creating or exaggerating a problem that does not exist or is not serious, and then charging you for fixing it. It can result in expensive emergency plumbing.

A plumber may claim that your pipes are corroded or leaking when they are not, and then charge you for it. You should always get a second opinion from another plumber if you are unsure about the diagnosis or the solution.

Fake plumbers are only out to make a quick buck without the part where they do a real job. Avoid them at all costs and call Fast Flow Plumbing. We are a BBB-accredited, A+-rated plumbing company that sets us apart from those that are just scammers.

When it comes to plumbing-related solutions, look no further than the Fast Flow Plumbing crew. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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