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A clogged drain can cause serious problems such as poor drainage, slab leaks, and damage to your home’s sewer system. Routine drain cleaning plays a vital role in your home’s maintenance and prevents the listed problems from happening. When your drains are clogged, you can always count on Fast Flow Plumbing for thorough drain cleaning in Richmond, KY.

While drain cleaning services are essential, there are quite a number of property owners still reluctant to believe so, mainly due to misconceptions about the drain cleaning process. We’d like to clear up these myths.

Myth 1: You Can DIY Drain Cleaning

You’ve heard success stories of homeowners who took it upon themselves to deal with their clogged drains. But the truth is that while there are “successful” DIY drain cleaning projects, it does not always work. Renting or even buying your own drain snaking apparatus is tempting, but ultimately,it is not a good idea. The reason is that the device is powerful when used by untrained personnel and can cause severe damage to your pipes

Moreover, most DIY attempts at clearing a clogged drain only results in a temporary fix, as clogs are likely to recur when the drain cleaning process was not done by a professional.

Myth 2: Chemical Drain Cleaners Are As Good As Professional Drain Cleaning

Generally, when your kitchen sink drains slowly, it’s common for you to turn to a chemical drain cleaner bought from the store. However, chemical drain cleaners are not as effective as calling a drain cleaning company. Drain cleaners purchased at stores, when used in homes with septic systems, destroy the bacteria responsible for breaking down solids.

Myth 3: Drain Snaking Clears All Clogs

The fact remains that snaking is very effective, but snaking works mainly for minor clogs; if you want to clean a significant clog using a drain snake, it won’t clear your pipes effectively. In some cases, forcing a snake through a clog can cause the clog to get worse, leading to extensive damage.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let us work on clearing your drains next. Contact Fast Flow Plumbing today.

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