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When you’ve got a clogged drain and you want to deal with it quickly, it can be tempting to just try to clear out your drain without the help of an expert. However, despite your efforts, DIY drain cleaning can do more harm than good. Our experts at Fast Flow Plumbing discuss the reasons why drain cleaning in Lexington, KY is better done by a professional.

Risk of Damaging Your Pipes

Many homeowners don’t have the necessary knowledge to unclog their drains properly. Thus, they may use tools like chemical drain cleaners which can corrode pipes over time, causing leaks or bursting, which leads to more costly repairs down the line. Another instance would be DIY drain snaking, which looks easy but is actually more complicated and takes training to get right.

Plus, there are actually many types of snaking tools that address specific types of clogs, so you’ll want a professional drain cleaning services provider to handle the problem.

Safety Concerns

Moreover, dealing with a clogged drain poses some risks to homeowners. The chemical drain cleaners usually emit toxic fumes and can cause burns if not handled appropriately. Additionally, if a foreign object or a grease buildup causes the clog, attempting to remove it yourself can be hazardous.

Skill Issue

Although removing a minor clog is possible, other blockages may require help from a drain cleaning company. Some clogs occur deep in your pipes, requiring a specialized plumbing snake or hydro jetting equipment, which most homeowners do not have access to or simply do not have the training to handle. Therefore, clearing the blockage yourself may only serve to delay the inevitable and worsen the problem.

Drain cleaning is an important task that requires help from a professional to ensure the job is done correctly. Contact Fast Flow Plumbing at the first sign of drain issues.

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