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Surprising Causes of Drain Clogs

Even the smallest of clogs can result in big repair bills. While you already know that the hair you shed in the shower can go down the drain and clog the pipe, you may not know about some of the more surprising causes of drain clogs.

Take a look at some of those causes before you look into drain cleaning services.

Cat Litter

Unless you have a reliable plumber in Lexington, KY, on your speed dial, you’ll probably want to avoid flushing cat litter. Many types of litter contain small balls of clay that can cling to the sides of the drain pipe and form a big clog when water doesn’t flush it away.

Flushable Wipes

Many personal care products and bathroom wipes claim that they are safe to flush down your toilet. These wipes do not break down as quickly as you might think and can cause a clogged drain that only a plumber can fix.


When you find a mouse running through your property, you might feel tempted to grab it and flush it. Small animals of all types can clog your drain, even those that fall in and drown while trying to find water. A drain cleaning company can remove that rodent and anything else that clogged the drain.


Do you find yourself brushing your teeth and spitting into the toilet? Toothpaste can form clogs because the thick substance sticks to the side of the pipe. You may even have such a big clog form that you need drain snaking to remove it.

More things cause drain clogs than just toilet paper and human waste. Toothpaste and cat litter are some of the more surprising things that can clog your pipes and lead to overflowing toilets and backed-up lines. Turn to Fast Flow Plumbing for drain cleaning in Lexington, KY, at the first sign of a clogged drain. 

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