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Water leaks within any property are a huge nuisance and can cause a great deal of damage. There are a number of ways that leaks are sprung, and Fast Flow Plumbing is here to offer professional water leak repair in Richmond, KY to ensure that leaks are never a problem for you.

What Causes Leaks?

Leaks in plumbing can be caused by anything from aging pipes to tree root intrusions. Over time, pipes can become corroded or misaligned, leading to weak spots. Tree roots that grow deep into the soil can cause damage to underground plumbing by applying pressure to pipes. Temperature fluctuations can also alter the integrity of your plumbing system. Suspect a leak? Our team consists of pros at water leak detection.

Why Fix A Leak?

Leaks are a huge contributor to water damage in a home, making prompt water leak detection crucial. The consequences of not addressing a leaking pipe can be devastating. A crack in a water pipe can lead to contamination of drinking water if debris were to find its way in through a crevice. Pooling water from a leaking pipe can create the perfect home for mold and mildew, which may cause health issues for the household. Finally, consistent water damage can weaken the structure of a home, creating a safety hazard. 

If your home is showing signs of leaks, contact us today for a leak repair quote.

What Is The Process?

Our water leak services include an initial inspection to determine whether or not a leak is present. If a leak is found, our technicians will then determine if a repair or replacement is necessary, and the work begins.

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